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  • Kachelle not only kept me engaged for the entire day of training, she was captivating, poised, relevant and with an amazing delivery!! It was refreshing to see an amazing black woman of God in power, yet humble and doing her thing! I learned more about myself through her training. I even observed how she handled a negative person in the room with such confidence, respect and authority!

    Jamé H. Scott, MBA, MSW Transitional Housing Program Manager, GRACE
  • Shell Oil initially hired Kachelle Kelly a year year ago & she’s been amazing. Since, we’ve fell in love with her and gladly continue to invite her back to train our staff. Her teaching style, relevant trainings and words of wisdom are more than we could ask for. She challenges you to think deeply about your career & personal lives. She’s highly recommended and has a heart of gold. Kachelle, thanks for all you do and we can’t wait to have you back!

    LuCretia DeJohn Executive Staff, Shell Oil Corporation
  • It was a pleasure having Ms. Kachelle come share words of inspiration about knowing your value and self-worth with our members & staff. I walked away from the workshop with renewed confidence, motivation, and feeling empowered to lead a purposeful life. Can’t wait to have her back!  

    Dr. Sounya Walker MCC-AAWCC Chapter President, Mott Communtiy College
  • I’m in awe of Kachelle’s mind! Exactly why I’ve followed her since 2013! She’s bold, wise and courageous. The most authentic soul I’ve encountered.

    Sarah Kline Accountant
  • This course is my most important work so far. It is scary, yet necessary to finally have the real conversations. We must have the courageous talks that heal instead of isolate us. This is my March. This is my contribution to make this world a little bit better.

    Kachelle Kelly Original Ally

“I’m humbled to have my audiences perfectly describe my speaking style.”

Whether your event requires a keynote speaker, panel participation, interview or workshop, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed as I am undoubtedly relatable, trustworthy and passionate!

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Corporations & Universities

Kachelle’s relatable, humorous and transparent speaking style is guaranteed to leave your audience transformed & talking about their encounter in the future!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Uncovering Unconscious Bias & Leading an Inclusive Environment.

Managing Difficult Personalities

I Love My Job, Not Always The People: To effectively understand others you must understand yourselves. Kachelle identifies and breaks down the 4 difficult personalities and how to effectively work with each while improving your attitude towards people and your position to improve your productivity and perspective.

Effective Leadership Skills for Today’s Women

Not all leaders are born, some are made. In this course, Kachelle helps women identify areas they traditionally lack as leaders and provides tools to overcome the common stereotypes associated with women that help and hinder growth. She teaches women how to effectively use their influence while also walking in integrity to achieve the level of success they’ve always dreamed.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

People are your greatest resource. Aside from executive and intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence is key to becoming successful. Kachelle walks attendees through how to adopt this skill and how to interact and collaborate with all types of people. She also breaks down how personal values can hinder your successin the workplace and in life and how to improve this perception. You’ll learn how to understand the emotions of others, yourself and how they affect everyone.

Walking In Your Strengths Towards Success

“There is no more effective way to empower people than to see each person in terms of his or her strengths.” People who know and use their native genius are 6x as likely to be engaged at work, 7.8% more productive in their role, 3x as likely to have an excellent quality of life and 6x as likely to do what they do best every day. It isn’t until people know what makes them talented and unique that they know how to perform better in their job. Or how to find one that’s a better fit. Kachelle teaches from the Gallup Strength Finder assessment to achievethese results.

Project Management Skills

We all are project managers at one point in our lives. This seminar identifies ways to sharpen those innate skills through strategies and software to ensure your projects are not only successful but manageable, organized and sustainable.

Activate Your Corporate Entrepreneurship

Don’t quit your day job! With an influx of entrepreneurs blooming, employees often feel slighted or demeaned for working a “job”. Companies are losing valuable employees each day to the “itch” of individuals seeking to start their own businesses. Many people are disgruntled with the 9-5, the uncertainty of growth and the fear of not truly living out their purpose. But let’s face it, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. However, employees seek to feel fulfilled not only in life but on their job. In this session, Kachelle helps employers & employees adopt the concept of corporate entrepreneurship. A true corporate entrepreneur, identifies opportunities to enhance the company by building a team, acquiring resources and creating something of value. Their actions are rooted in a clear understanding of self, values and the ability to bring along and engage others. Kachelle empowers corporations to embrace this concept to foster greater employee retention and ultimately providing a sense of purpose to everyone in the company. This new perspective will allow them to not only buy into the company but take more initiative to flourish in more meaningful projects by taking ownership of their careers.

Conferences or Organizations

Kachelle is available for Corporate Trainings, Conference Keynote, Breakout Sessions, Panel Participation & Moderator + Host.

Boss Women & Men Pray

How to Increase Your Success & Spirit: There are a variety of books and courses on how to succeed in business. However, most fail to address the spiritual aspects of being a successful entrepreneur and business leader. This course speaks to those who desire to increase both financially and spiritually without compromising either. You will truly understand how to reach your full potential in business and life.

Dream. Pray. Hustle.

Live Your Dreams, Empower Your Prayers and Activate Your Hustle” “Faith without works is dead.” A popular scripture yet its concept is not often grasped. As the reality of life settles in and the dreamer in one dies, they begin to live life by just “getting by” while professing faith in better days. But this hope can not become a reality on its own. It’s time to dream bigger, focus your prayers towards vision and purpose but more importantly, do the work! In this powerful session, Kachelle ignites her audience to go after their dreams while increasing their success
and spirit.

Alpha Women Rock

The most misunderstood female today is the alpha woman. This woman is driven, focused and strong. She seemingly has everything together, which accounts for her success. But often times, she lacks the balance
to interact and communicate effectively in her personal life. Her outward success is a visage for her inner loneliness. She’s often frowned upon for being so driven and independent. But this woman has a voice! As an alpha woman, Kachelle shares how she too, used to “dim her light” because of embarrassment from other people whom she didn’t want to perceive, she might be better than they were. Kachelle constantly relinquished the most important part of herself to please others. It was not until she gave herself permission to access the person she truly was, did she feel a
sense of genuine joy life! Everyone around you is waiting for that real person to emerge in you. The act of your simply showing up in the world, releases others to be also who they are created to be. A gift is not a gift until it is given. Your gifts are needed by others…now!

Pretty Painful to Pretty Powerful

Women are often judged by outer appearance alone when in reality, a queen is always present and waiting to emerge! America sends a strong message that your quality of life is directly attached to your outer appearance. However, there are men and women around the country who have the outward appearance of beauty and success, yet suffer from issues of insecurity, low self-esteem and loneliness. Kachelle draws upon her personal experiences and those of countless others to clearly present the issues faced by women (and men) everywhere who others judge to have carefree lives because they are attractive by physical standards. She answers the question, “Can Looks Kill-Who You Are?” The answer is YES! While we focus so much attention on physical attributes, we don’t focus enough on our mental capacity, our ability to soar and succeed in life, our growth towards greatness, or our contribution to the world around us. She takes the mask off having a pretty face or visage of success to deliver
hope, help and healing to the unspoken hurt hidden beneath a beautiful and/or successful appearance. There is purpose for the pain! Topic derived from Kachelle Kelly’s first literary work, “Pretty Painful”.

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Mind Map Session

Business Confusion & Execution Solved! Create a Consistent Action plan for brand, marketing, sales funnel, product & services, list builders, events, vendors and more!


Available as a a neutral, personal, voluntary, and confidential benefit to board members, executive staff, employees and their households and immediate families, sponsored by the company.

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