…but you can call me KK.

I am a professional speaker, author, emotional intelligence, leadership & DEI corporate trainer, serial entrepreneur and thought provoker dedicated to changing the world one mindset at a time.

meet kk.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas with an insatiable desire to see others win at life, I am very proud of what I have achieved in my own life…and in my own way! I believe that we all have innate gifts, talents, passion that lead us to our purpose. And whether in a corporate career or entrepreneurship, it’s important to understand ourselves, others and continue to sharpen our mindsets to achieve success however we personally define it.

I’m often asked, How did Kachelle Kelly become a “brand”? So, as best as I can offer, here is the quick and dirty on how I got here!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a writer, speaker and an advocate for people. And while I’ve always wanted to monetize my gifts, I didn’t quite know how. It was not until 2004, after I wrote my first book, Pretty Painful, I realized it was not only a want but a necessity to give what God put inside me out into the world. You see, I began to receive an overwhelming amount of emails from readers to “help them”. And I freaked out and asked myself, HOW?!? I didn’t feel qualified so I quickly became certified as a life coach.

By 2007, I became a sought after speaker at various high schools and colleges, including my high school alma mater.

I’ve always had this “hustle” nature about me that landed me brand marketing contracts with many reputable brands and managerial positions at Fortune 500 companies.

In 2010, it became evident & wise to morph my coaching practice to focus solely on helping entrepreneurs succeed.

In 2015, I launched Dream. Pray. Hustle., a 7-city business tour.

I was able to successfully introduce the idea of merging faith and business in the world’s first prayer guide for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, Boss Women Pray and Boss Men Pray, creating an international movement and I’m most proud to introduce to the Boss Pray brand, “Boss Kids Pray: ABC’s Prayers for a Child’s Life, featuring power words and prayers to cultivate children in today’s culture. The Boss Pray movement presented the opportunity to become the first female in my field, Personal and Professional Development, to be awarded my own day in my hometown of Houston, Texas. I’ve also been fortunate to be featured in a few publications and local TV appearances, as well.

While I love coaching and the results it achieves, in 2016, I began to focus solely on my first loves, inspiring others through speaking, writing, training and provoking thought surrounding ideas and current events. However, my passion to help entrepreneurs still burns through my coaching offerings, a one hour session including a “Money Mind Map” to help multi passionate individuals create a sustainable plan of action for success.

Speaking & Training is My Sweet Spot!

As a “straight shooter”, I love speaking to audiences and witnessing the “light bulb” moments on their faces, as I’ve said something, I’m certain will change them forever.

I also thoroughly enjoy training at corporations, particularly for the chance to change the attitude of staff members who are dreading “training day” to enthusiastically thanking me for enriching their thoughts and perspectives during my high energy presentations in a relaxed environment. Here are just a few organizations, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking among.

But I am very passionate about a few unconnected things in my life as well.

I’m a consummate music and true story movie lover.  I love to cook, give back and I adore my dog child, Eli, a vivacious salt and pepper chihuahua.

From my interests, I’ve launched a few passion projects. Boss Women Cook, an unexpected extension of my brand, provides cooking therapy for busy women. And Boss Women Give, an opportunity to give back to various worthy causes and funding other’s causes through crowdfunding with cryptocurrencies. And I enjoy producing cool mixtapes to nurture my love for music!

Leaving behind the idea of serial entrepreneurship equates to being bi-polar, I’ve coined the concept, A Purpose Driven Empire. This theory encourages you to also profit from not only those things you love but that are perfectly aligned with your purpose and brand.

There you have it! While I am proud of my journey, I would simply introduce myself as a pretty laid back ambivert (introvert and extrovert), who loves speaking, her wonderful parents, dog and Chuck Taylors over heels.

Personal Facts About Me:

I’m a daddy’s girl & a mama’s baby. Before losing my dad in 2022, my parents were married 54 years. I’m a proud dog mom. I’ve had the same friends for over 25 years and I love to travel.

But enough about me…

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