Educate or Vegetate!

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Educate or Vegetate! By Kachelle Kelly
There is a new rave about the awesome power of the green leafy vegetable “kale.” It is high in iron and Vitamin K, can protect against various cancers, filled with potentantioxidants, an exceptional ant-inflammatory food and is excellent for cardiovascular support. Kale is the new “super food.” Even with all of this popularity as a vegetable, you don’t ever want to envy its success, because when people “vegetate” it’s not a pretty sight. When a human being vegetated they “live or spend a period of time in a dull, inactive, unchallenging way.” This is totally against the success philosophy of living your best life NOW!
How do you keep your life from suffering from this debilitating disease? You continue to educate your mind, body and spirit. Yes, continuing education is the key to living a fruitful and prosperous life. It keeps your brain cells active and puts you on top of things, instead of things being on top of you. You feel young and invigorated because you are learning new things and hanging out with others who are often younger than you but pursuing similar goals.
How can you afford the rising cost of education? Use the KISS principle by “Keeping It Simple (with) Studentship.” Try reading self-help books, coaching, self-study, and staying abreast of what’s new and improved in your occupation. Being “All You Can Be,” is more than a recruitment slogan. It’s a goal that successful people strive for on a lifelong basis.
If you find that you are about disintegrate because of a lack of mental stimulus, try taking a continuing education course at a local college or university. Leisure Learning, a Houston staple since 1979, offers over 500 fun continuing education courses. If you are looking for books on any topic, is the place to go or to your local Barnes and Nobles where the atmosphere is cerebrally charging and highly energizing.
If you are searching for something for your spirit, try viewing my vlogs on my You Tube stations or get a copy of Boss Men and Women Pray as a guide to rebuilding your spiritual core. Just like building your core muscles helps you tighten your abs, strengthen your back, and improve your balance, building your spiritual core helps you tighten your game plan for success, strengthen your faith and improves your life/work balance.
Remember in order to accelerate you’ve got to educate instead of vegetate. When you don’t make education a priority, your plans for success will inevitably disintegrate. So don’t be late to integrate an educational program into your immediate future. Live your best life NOW!