Unlocking the Keys to YOUR Success

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Man has been seeking the answer to the mythical question of, “How do I achieve success?” from the beginning of time. I propose that we’ve had the answer since God first formed Adam out of dust. We have a propensity to look outside of ourselves for the answer but God, the Master Designer placed it right on the inside of us all. From the day we said our first word, or scooted the length of our cribs, we have been accessing that key to accomplish life tasks. You may think, “It can’t possibly be that simple,” but it is. Our drive to master the human condition is also the fuel that motivates us to accomplish unfathomable tasks.

It’s not until there’s an interruption in our programming that we start to stray from that. When we start to measure ourselves by what we see in others, we abort our original design. In the early years it may be conforming to what we’ve been taught by our parents and educational caregivers. But even then, we risk becoming lost in the expectations of others versus being nurtured and instructed in conformity with the Master Designer’s plan for success in our lives. Granted children don’t come with an instructional manual but if you study their natural tendencies, you will get clues as to how they are programmed. As a parent, you get the opportunity to ensure that your child in their teachable years are supported by parenting methodologies that complement their success DNA.

As adolescents we seek to find our own successes with tools that haven’t quite matured enough to do the job. That’s where parenting and education comes to the rescue. But as adults we are fully empowered to discover our success DNA. The problem is that sometimes we have been lulled into an apathetic state and the mere thought of doing the necessary hard work to get there is too tiring.

As a business owner, “tired” is not a word that can be found in your vocabulary. Your choice to become an entrepreneur dictates that you be “ON” until you reach the level of success that you desire to achieve. Remember emulating others is not the ultimate key to business success. It’s reaching inside and getting in touch with that little boy or little girl that boldly took the first step towards your destiny. In remembering the tenacity that it took to do what seemed impossible for you at that moment, you WILL be empowered to move forward to do what’s perceived as impossible now!