Making the Right Choice to Live Your Best Life NOW!

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There’s an old Indian Proverb that says, “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.” Sometimes our past hinders us from being all that we can be today. We can hold on to regret for the negative things that have happened in our lives far too long. Unfortunately, some people take this regret to their graves. What a waste of human potential. We all are designed to win in life, in relationships, in business, and in our careers. However, that potential can be stolen or given away at any time when we don’t recognize how precious we are to the world.

Have you ever seen the cartoon of the little boy that says, “God don’t make no junk”? It is absolutely true. You have a winner’s DNA. You just have to deliberately tap into it to fulfill your divine destiny here on earth. It’s all about choice. Do you choose to believe that you have an undisputable destiny? Or do you choose to believe that the negative things that have happened to you in life have put you on the pathway to destruction?

People use all kinds of excuses to postpone their meeting with destiny. Some use age, education, weight, finances, physical or mental disability to justify their lack of achievement. Even so, for just as many excuses there are people who have accomplished great things regardless of their roadblock. Determination and perseverance are some of the key ingredients that a winner possesses when they purpose to live their best lives now. If you want something bad enough you can accomplish anything once you are aware that you have the right stuff to overcome any obstacle that may get in your way. You can become virtually unstoppable.

Your internal compass leads you to your destiny. It is your GPS for success! Frankly, you are the only one that can deter you from being unstoppable. You can choose to delay your effort by waiting for just the right time or for everything to be perfect before you proceed. Sometimes it involves you finding the confidence and courage to move forward regardless of the obstacles in your way.

Ask yourself, if you sincerely feel that you have expended your full potential or walked in your destiny? If that answer is “no,” than you still have some work to do. Just remember that it’s not too late to be all that God designed you to be. That’s the only place where you will experience the sweet fragrance of lasting success. Making the choice to live your best life now, insures that you and your imminent destiny will divinely collide. You can do it if you CHOOSE to do so. Just remember you have the power to make it so. Don’t let another second go by without you doing precisely that.