While you have thousands of speakers to choose from for your next event, Kachelle offers a unique experience that will educate, inspire and call your audience to action. She offers candor, humor, personal experiences and up to date information to rock the house! Drawing from her journey from an unsuccessful yet busy woman transitioning to a successful, self-proclaimed “alpha woman”; Kachelle shares her struggles and triumphs to empower women (and men) all over the world! She also holds a unique ability to identify with teens that causes them to listen and crave more from life than before.

Kachelle is available for speaking engagements including staff development for corporations, associations, public and private seminars, panels and as a guest speaker and/or mistress of ceremony for women’s conferences and events.

As an accomplished business owner, published author, sought after life and business coach and gifted communicator, Kachelle brings energy and results to her presentations!

Speaking Topics:

“Dream. Pray. Hustle. : Live Your Dreams, Empower Your Prayers and Activate Your Hustle
Faith without works is dead. A popular scripture yet its concept is not often grasped. As the reality of life sets in and the dreamer in one dies, they begin to live life by just “getting by” while professing faith in better days. But this hope can not become a reality on its own. It’s time to dream bigger, focus your prayers towards vision and purpose but more importantly, do the work! In this powerful session, Kachelle ignites her audience to go after their dreams while increasing their success and spirit.

“Activate Your Corporate Entrepreneurship”
(Small Businesses & Corporations)

Companies are losing valuable employees each day to the “itch” of individuals seeking to start their own businesses. Many people are disgruntled with the 9-5, the uncertainty of growth and the fear of not truly living out their purpose. But let’s face it, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. However, employees seek to feel fulfilled not only in life but on their job. In this session, Kachelle helps employers & employees adopt the concept of corporate entrepreneurship. A true corporate entrepreneur, identifies opportunities to enhance the company by building a team, acquiring resources and creating something of value. Their actions are rooted in a clear understanding of self and values and the ability to bring along and engage others. Kachelle empowers corporations to embrace this concept to foster greater employee retention and ultimately providing a sense of purpose to everyone in the company.

“Walk in YOUR Brilliance”
Everyone has a natural born talent! However, to achieve a maximum level of success; talent alone is not enough. Kachelle shares how to develop your strengths by combining your talent, skill and knowledge to truly walk in your brilliance. She empowers you to focus not on improving your weaknesses rather sharpen your strengths to achieve your goals!  Kachelle propels you to stop measuring your life to others and to begin to live your truth and purpose today! Includes StrengthFinder test results analysis.

“Alpha Women Rock”
One of the most misunderstood female today is the alpha woman. This woman is driven, focused and strong. She seemingly has everything together, which accounts for her success. But often times, she lacks the balance to interact and communicate effectively in her personal life. Her outward success is a visage for her inner loneliness. She’s often frowned upon for being so driven and independent. But this woman has a voice! As an alpha woman, Kachelle shares how she too, used to “dim her light” because of embarrassment for other people to perceive that she might be better than they were. Kachelle constantly relinquished the most important part of herself to please others.  It was not until she gave herself permission to access the person she truly was, did she feel a sense of genuine joy life!   Everyone around you is waiting for that real person to emerge in you. The act of your simply showing up in the world, releases others to be also who they are created to be.  A gift is not a gift until it is given. Your gifts are needed by others…now!

“Pretty Painful to Pretty Powerful”
Women are often judged by outer appearance alone when in reality, a queen is present waiting to emerge! America sends a strong message that your quality of life is directly attached to your outer appearance. However, there are men and women around the country who have the outward appearance of beauty and success, yet suffer from issues of insecurity, low self-esteem and loneliness. Kachelle draws upon her personal experiences and those of countless others to clearly present the issues faced by women (and men) everywhere who others judge to have carefree lives because they are attractive by physical standards. She answers the question, “Can Looks Kill- Who You Are?” The answer is YES! While we focus so much attention on physical attributes, we don’t focus enough on our mental capacity, our ability to soar and succeed in life, our growth towards greatness, or our contribution to the world around us. She takes the mask off having a pretty face or visage of success to deliver hope, help and healing to the unspoken hurt hidden beneath a beautiful and/or successful appearance. There is purpose for the pain! Topic derived from Kachelle Kelly’s first literary work, “Pretty Painful”, which can be purchased here or downloaded on iTunes or Kindle.

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