Interview With Kachelle

Before working with Kachelle, please read this interview—it will help you to get to know Kachelle and decide whether you’re a good fit for her programs.


  •  How did you get started in business & life coaching?
  •  Who is your coaching client?
  • What type of personality do you work best with, and what is expected of me?
  • Who will not benefit from working with you?
  • Does coaching really work?
  • Do you have references so I can find out what it’s like to work with you?
  • How quickly can I expect results?
  • How will this work?
  • Do clients ever continue past the original program they signed up for?
  • I want to work with you, but I am so busy and overwhelmed. How much time do I need to dedicate to coaching?
  • Kachelle, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, you’re definitely the mentor for me! How do we get started?

kachelle-thumbnail  How did you get started in success coaching?
I’ve always had a passion to see the everyone around me excel to their full potential, whatever that may look like. However, many of these amazing individuals don’t realize their innate potential, thanks to the way one was raised and the superficial portrayal of success in the media, and the path to uncovering that potential can be painful.

That was the case for me. For years, I was afraid to share who I really was with a stranger or put myself out there in a big way. While I was busy spinning my wheels at success, others saw me as “busy” and saw this as success. But it wasn’t authentic. I longed for something more, something different. Yes, I was busy speaking and writing books, but I was not making money, and I knew I wasn’t living up to my full potential. I knew I was extremely gifted, but unable to articulate what I was meant to do and unable to put things in action to see real results.

I found it extremely difficult to express to anyone the huge vision I had stuck inside of me, and I was afraid of their reactions to my ideas. Will they understand? Will they think I’m crazy? I was alone through this journey, and it was a long-drawn-out and painful way to find the answers I was seeking. I desired freedom, creativity, happiness, and sustainable income, but none of those things was showing up. I never had a problem finding a job, and I always excelled quickly at my tasks, but then I became bored. And to make matters worse, I thought I was extremely arrogant because I didn’t like nine-to-five positions.

I remember a night in 2003, when I cried myself to sleep wondering what was wrong with me. I didn’t understand what people who were excelling were doing that I wasn’t doing. I was working my butt off, and I’d developed four beautiful websites and three businesses (although none of these exists today). I was also speaking in front of hundreds of people, yet I was not seeing the financial benefits. I was frustrated, bored, and hungry for more . . . and I felt guilty for it because I thought I wasn’t supposed to want more.

Looking back, I see how I allowed failed relationships with men who were wrong for me anyway, shallow friendships with people who didn’t really like me, and life’s less-than-perfect circumstances to hold me back from playing as big as I wanted and needed to. I didn’t trust anyone to share my ideas with, so I couldn’t get help. I didn’t want to overshadow anyone, but I was tired of always being the brilliant one who never got anywhere. Despite all of the fatal distractions, I thought I was doing everything in my power to succeed.

Things got so bad that one day when my yard man arrived, I ran to close my drapes and pretended not to be home because I didn’t have $25 to pay him! Looking back, what a funny scene it was to lay still in bed so he wouldn’t see me!

I knew right then that I had to evaluate everything and everyone in my life that I had allowed to prevent me from achieving authentic success. I reached out to the one man I could trust: my lifetime coach—my father. He looked at me and said, “Kachelle, you have what it takes to succeed, but you need to be consistent.” After my dad spoke those simple words, I had no choice but to get off my butt and move!

I immediately searched for the help I needed. But I didn’t know what kind of help I needed or how to evaluate the people I needed. I hired a life coach. Unfortunately, this coach was not ideal for me, and I became very discouraged, but I was still determined.

When I found the right coach, the light bulb went off! I read books, searched the Internet, attended high-priced retreats, and networked outside my comfort zone. I started listening to my own instincts and playing big, and I now run a successful online coaching practice & international movement.

I created the life I wanted, and you can too. I have developed a blueprint for entrepreneurs and leaders to achieve authentic success, and I am working with amazing women & men who are ready to take personal responsibility for their success to gain a sense of freedom. Time waits for no one . . . it’s time to play big and build your empire.


kachelle-thumbnail Who is your typical coaching client?
I work with women & men who are brilliant, consistent, highly motivated, and committed to playing big in the world. The field or profession doesn’t matter. Driven individuals believe in themselves but lack strategies, aggressive accountability, and encouragement. They are making the transition from expensive hobby to profitable business, and they need clarity, goal setting, and motivation to make that leap.
 My clients typically understand one simple truth: others will pay you for what you naturally do. We tend to think of our gifts as nothing special when they’re truly unique, and when you want to get paid for what you love to do, it’s simple if you have a coach to guide you through it.


kachelle-thumbnailWhat type of personality do you work best with, and what is expected of me?
I work with motivated, brilliant leaders who are committed to their authentic success. I have a no-excuses, laser-focused approach, and I am 110% committed to each of my clients. Therefore, I work best with those who are ready to play big and are willing to take the necessary steps to achieve their dreams.

I expect my clients to accept personal responsibility for every area of their lives and to refuse to make excuses, blame others, or allow others to prevent them from achieving success.

kachelle-thumbnailWho will not benefit from working with you?
My coaching programs are not for individuals who are in a major financial crisis or who are desperate to make money in order to support themselves. I’ve found that people struggling to pay the bills are unable to focus on coaching exercises. I offer a variety of free coaching advice. Sign up to take advantage of my free newsletter, blogs and video blogs on YouTube along with my social media empowerment.

I also do not work with people who aren’t willing to take responsibility for every aspect of their lives, who make excuses for not completing coaching assignments, and who are late or don’t show up for their sessions. If you’re one of these people, I ask that you not call. I hope you can understand my need to set these types of boundaries in my practice as I am committed to high-level success for the clients I work with.


kachelle-thumbnailDoes coaching really work?
Yes, it does. As we work together, you will transform your life and your business for the success you’ve always wanted.

When you work with me, you will . . .

  • Become clear about your true self and what you want without feeling guilty or that you should be someone else. You’re you!.
  • Improve your self-confidence and truly believe in your unique abilities and innate talents.
  • Own your personal power (and never misplace it again).
  • Gain a brand-new love and respect for yourself and your amazing gifts.
  • Make effective decisions quickly, with less stress and no indecision.
  • Create the life you truly want and enjoy the rewards of playing big like you were meant to..
  • Live authentically and fulfilled, without feeling guilty for enjoying your life.
  • Be the sole leader of your life.
  • Profit from the implementation of your ideas.
  • Grow your empire quickly through laser focus and innovative strategies.

kachelle-thumbnailDo you have references so I can find out what it’s like to work with you?
Yes. Please see the various testimonials throughout this site and be sure to follow me on Instagram @kachellekelly, there you will find loads of unsolicited praise! My clients are glad to correspond with you. Read through the entries & posts, and see which ones you feel drawn to. Look for a client who has received results similar to the ones you’re looking for, or maybe someone who is in a similar profession. Then, email me at, and I will connect with you via email or phone.

kachelle-thumbnailHow quickly can I expect results?
As soon as our first session. However, each client is different, and the results you receive depend on your commitment level, the amount of time you spend on your coaching assignments, and your willingness to be completely honest with yourself and take responsibility for your life and your coaching results.

kachelle-thumbnailHow will this work?
Our high-level coaching sessions are conducted via telephone conversations and email. Our work together will continue with individual homework assignments tailored specifically and uniquely to your desired goals.

kachelle-thumbnailDo clients ever continue past the original program they signed up for?
Yes. Many of my clients find that having my ongoing and focused support helps them stay accountable and reach their goals faster. They also enjoy the inspiration that comes with our collaboration.

kachelle-thumbnailI want to work with you, but I am so busy and overwhelmed. How much time do I need to dedicate to coaching?
I understand you are busy, and we will work together to find time in your schedule. I have found that clients have more time in their schedule than they think. If you are committed to growing and succeeding, you will find the time. Think of it this way: if you never begin, you’ll never achieve what you want.

kachelle-thumbnailKachelle, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, you’re definitely the mentor for me! How do we get started?
Congratulations on making an empowered decision for transforming your life! I can’t wait to help you reach all of your goals! 
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